A Great Boxmaking Video from Adelaide

Saw this great video from Adelaide. An article about this small  Adelaide firm which makes quality short run boxes. It’s a fabulous story about quality products in  age of the mass produced and disposable items. The story was featured in the Australian Wood Review

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A pointer on the bowl gouge

I have recently joined a wood turning club called the northern turners. This group is affiliated to Woodgroup SA  which has under its umbrella about 13 woodturning clubs in South Australia. There are 3 meetings a month which covers beginners , ongoing projects and a more formal meeting day which includes a demonstration.

This months demonstration was by a well known Australian turner called Tim Skilton  who besides turning is known for his passive sander.  Tim doesn’t have a website but if you google him you will see the sanders and pictures of this work.

He entertained and informed about 50 club members for the better part of three hours on all aspects of the bowl gouge. This included a potted history of the gouge , metal used to make gouges and the vexed topic of sharpening tools. All of this while keeping up a witty dialogue with the audience and demonstrating on a bowl blank.

There were lots of practical tips on how to use a gouge. I like many have experienced the gouge digging and taking a chunk  of the prized piece being worked on. Never thought about it but the gouge does jump from the smaller to larger diameter. This will inevitably wreck the the fine edge that you have just finished prior to hollowing out. The solution other than a a dedicated tool rest is to support the gouge with the thumb of your left hand firmly planted on the tool rest.

Well worth the trip to attend the meeting.

A welding cart

This post is as much about the project as trying something new on WordPress. I have built a cart for my new mig welder. Strictly speaking this is not a woodworking project but it’s part of my workshop. I read in several places that this is the first thing most people do with their new welder. I.m not alone at least.

There is a little bit of woodworking in the top shelf and the tray below.

The last thing that I am having a go at in this post is to try some short code to insert  a gallery of photos. Heres hoping that it works.


New Triton Workcentre MK7

I was cruising assorted woodworking videos on youtube and came across a review of of the New Triton work centre MK7.

Besides being surprised to see a new workcentre I was also interested to hear the man from Triton talk about the company. Bearing in mind this  is an English video.He talks about their research and development headquarters being in York. He acknowledges the origins of the company as Australian. He also talked about their sister brand GMC thats a blast from the past.

I have seen a few Triton reviews from the UK and it seems as though they are positioned as a premium brand.

The workcentre seems interesting although they are like other tool brands trying to lock you into their ecosystem. The basic workcentre is little more than a portable table. There are drop on tables one that turns it into a router table and  another making it  saw for cutting flooring or smaller pieces.
The table saw is better than the series 2000 that I have as it has a tiltable blade. However they are still using a variation of the fence similar to the series 2000. I think that is a bit dated.

There was also talk of more tools to come.

Any way judge for yourself have a look at the video

A long absence

Just noticed that I haven’t posted anything here for quite a while, since January 1st. I have been too busy working and doing things in the shed to find time for posting. I have made some benches and a whole lot of drawers to better organise my tools and stuff.

I watch quite a few YouTube channels that feature a variety of woodworkers. Many of theses content creators, love the jargon, spend quite a bit of time on projects for their workshops. I must be guilty of the same except that I never seem to have the time to make a video or even compile the few photos that I take on my mobile phone.

I keep promising myself that I will get around to creating some content. Perhaps I am just too busy to have time to edit and bung the stuff up on YouTube or whatever.

The Bench pictured in this post was created in Sketchup. It been useful creating specfic projects using Sketchup. In the case of the bench it did speed up the build. Mostly because I used the dimensions from the scale model which took some of the guess work and on the fly  calculations out. The internal shelf was modified so this is in fact version 2.0. I then took the time to revise the sketchup model to reflect the changes.


A new word for a new year. Catawampus is a word that I heard on a youtube video american slang for awry or misaligned. This is being written from a Nexus 7 tablet. I would prefer to be using the native android app for WordPress. There is currently an issue with posting to self hosted WordPress blogs. The issues is also applicable to the iOS version of the app. Whilst I can post from a browser; as I am the apps are much slicker. 

Sketchup for Woodwork

I have been skirting around sketchup for a long time and could never get my head around it. I looked at lots of online tutorials even bought an ebook on the subject. I thought it too hard but lots of people are using it so what to do?

I follow lots of woodworking channels on YouTube and there many mentions of  Jay from http://jayscustomcreations.com/ . Sometimes it is not the information in the presentation but rather the way that it’s explained.  Jay focusses on small scale woodworking plans and has some really practical tips for getting to grips with Sketchup. You really need to put aside ideas from other software. Jays way of reinforcing keyboard shortcuts was really helpful in my case .

The end result is that I have a really useful plan which is accurate. Being able to space the vertical slats in sketchup saved me tons of time in the build.

So its thanks to Jay and his really useful tutorials on Sketchup.

Scrollsaw basics

I unpacked the my new scroll saw today. After much deliberation thinking and talking I decided that i would buy the Excalibur 21 inch saw.  I have to say that the saw was very nicely packed and worked straight out of the box only requiring that the power cable be inserted.  I am not sure what the exact name of the saw is as the manufacturer seems to be transitioning form Excalibur to General and now its sports a shiny new black paint job rather than the previous drab green.

There are lots of videos on youtube that show the saw being unboxed or reviewed.  The saw is smooth and very quiet so for now I am very happy with it. I will do some videos once I have had time to get some projects organised.

I mainly want to use it to make carving blanks for a style of Scandinavian carving that I am interested in. Being able to rough out the figures first will save time and hopefully improve accuracy.

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Refurbishing the front bench

I have just refurbished the front bench and i used Animoto to make a short video from the stills that I took. Not much else going on in the woodworking department at the moment. My woodturning station has been dismantled as we are in the process of moving house. On the plus side there is a shed in the new house which may offer more space than I have had now.

Here is the video



I have been finding lots of  spam comments on this blog. Initially I got excited and thought that I was getting lots of comments. But the rubbish comments soon dispelled that myth.  I realised that akismet was not activated so hopefully the spam is gone. I have another blog which has the akismet service activated and I get no spam. Here is hoping a couple of days will settle this.

Update looks like akismet is doing its thing!