I have been finding lots of  spam comments on this blog. Initially I got excited and thought that I was getting lots of comments. But the rubbish comments soon dispelled that myth.  I realised that akismet was not activated so hopefully the spam is gone. I have another blog which has the akismet service activated and I get no spam. Here is hoping a couple of days will settle this. Update looks like akismet is doing its thing!

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A Pergola roof in a day

Re- roofing  the pergola was a prefect time to give the GoPro a test run. The camera took a picture every 10 seconds over a few hours. Luckily we had a nice sunny day with not much wind. The images were stitched together in Pinnacle Studio 17  which is my editor of choice. The music was added from YouTube after I had uploaded the video.  Here is the result

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An Early pepper grinder

Untitled, a photo by berniesr on Flickr. This is one of the first pepper grinders that I made. The timber is an unknown Queensland hardwood. The timber had been in my backyard for quite some time a leftover from a gardening project.  The knot that is visible in this view was stabilized using superglue. What I have learnt from wood turning is that you never throw away any wood at all superglue can get you out of trouble and on your way very quickly

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A new blog for an old hobby

This is the start of my new woodworking blog. Previously I have used another blog which has all sorts on it. This site will only be focussing on woodworking. Wood turning carving and some occasional furniture making will populate the pages over time.

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