Baby Chair Repair – Part 1

We inherited this baby chair when our children were small. It has been sitting around the shed for many years being moved everytime we had a cleanup.Like many older pieces of wooden furniture it has been renovated many times. The baby chair was covered in several layers of paint besides the original varnish finish. I don't know much about its provenance other than it being in one family for  a long time. I did find a manufacturer's label on it from T.H.Brown and Sons. A quick search on Google revealed that  T.H. Brownand sons were a well know Adelaide (South Australia) furniture maker founded in about 1910. They were important enough to be included in the SA Design Museum. Their products were available Australia wide through department stores.I think the baby chair dates from the 1940s or 50s. I haven't made a video of the process however I took a series of photographs and assembled them in Animoto. This is part one of the process stripping the paint pulling it apart and stripping the years of paint of the frame.  

Refurbishing the front bench

I have just refurbished the front bench and i used Animoto to make a short video from the stills that I took. Not much else going on in the woodworking department at the moment. My woodturning station has been dismantled as we are in the process of moving house. On the plus side there is a shed in the new house which may offer more space than I have had now. Here is the video  

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A capital offence

I have been renovating a so called holiday house over the last ten years it now looks as though it is drawing to a close.  Only  a few small jobs to do and I might just finish in the next 10 years. I have decided to add another category to the site called 'Renovating'. Quite a bit of the woodworking that I do is renovation of one kind or another. I have added a link to a post on my other blog showing the fence capitals that were installed after a 18 month delay. The post can be found  at this blog    

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