Lots of sanding today #saw

We bought this dining set or rather swmbo found it online. Its solid pine and from the label underneath was made in 1997. Hardly an antique but solidly made but in need of a little love and care. The top is showing all of its years of wear and tear there are  lots of scratches and the varnish worn off in places.  I’m sanding the table top starting with 60 grit to remove the varnish and then sanding through the grits up to 320 grit.

Then in a true no expense is spared exercise I’m using Aldi varnish stain made in Germany no less. I picked this up for $29.99 for 5 litres in a shade called oak. I had que up for this bargain.

Once the top is sanded it will be removed from the base and the underside treated in a similar fashion.

To give the table a more modern look the legs and frame will be painted white. I won’t sand the legs but rather wipe them over with acetone and then paint with an all purpose undercoat before applying a topcoat of a water based enamel.

Well on with the sanding the weather is nice and its not too warm.

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