We are now nearly three months into the relocation. The new workshop has a brand new concrete floor but that’s about it . There have been all sorts of delays; some of it COVID related. I managed to lay some cable underneath the mesh prior to the floor being laid so at least I can get power to the far wall. The list of things to do is quite long and doesn’t only include the workshop.

The workshop aside we are still unpacking, my wife has had surgery and not able to weight bear on her left foot for six weeks. We still have rooms that resemble a a warehouse!

The new floor in the workshop worked out well. Because there has been such a delay in using it some four weeks now it is very hard. This is a good thing. I am adapting what was originally an open carport to a workshop. The previous owners has started enclosing the carport and added a sidewall and roller doors front and back. We have added the concrete floor with a retaining wall at the far end. The rear roller will have to be removed as it stops about 300mm from the floor. My plan is to build a stud wall with an access door and a window. The side wall away from the house will also get a stud wall and insulation. I have already bought LED strip lights for the ceiling.