Sketchup Plan

I have been skirting around sketchup for a long time and could never get my head around it. I looked at lots of online tutorials even bought an ebook on the subject. I thought it too hard but lots of people are using it so what to do?

I follow lots of woodworking channels on YouTube and there many mentions of  Jay from . Sometimes it is not the information in the presentation but rather the way that it’s explained.  Jay focusses on small scale woodworking plans and has some really practical tips for getting to grips with Sketchup. You really need to put aside ideas from other software. Jays way of reinforcing keyboard shortcuts was really helpful in my case .

The end result is that I have a really useful plan which is accurate. Being able to space the vertical slats in sketchup saved me tons of time in the build.

So its thanks to Jay and his really useful tutorials on Sketchup.