One of the things that I enjoy about woodworking is making pepper grinders. They are a bit of a challenge in particular with my lathe which is under-powered for the job. This doesn’t stop me it just takes longer. I have my eye on a larger lathe with a little more grunt. I have been preparing some blanks for the next round of pepper grinders and I decided to have a crack at a short stop motion video. Spur of the moment without too much planning. I got he idea from watching Frank Howarth’s YouTube videos check out his web site He does quite a few stop motion videos. He has also produced a few behind the scenes videos showing some of what he does including the equipment he uses.

Taking my que from Frank Howarth I set up my DSLR a Nikon D40x on a tripod and started shooting. I took about 70 photos and imported them into my video editing program. I use Pinnacle Studio 17. A bit of background music and some effects so voila.