In a departure from wood working I have bought a 3D printer. I decided to buy an Ender 3D V2 based on a combination of price and performance . The printer has good reviews and there are lots of upgrades readily available. The machine was partially assembled which also appealed to me. I spent quite some time levelling the bed which is quite important on a 3D printer to ensure good quality prints. After some frustrating attempts to get the printer going and lots of YouTube videos I was able to perform a successful test print. I found the “teaching tech” YouTube channel and associated website particularly helpful. Certainly worth a look if you are new to 3D printing.

After printing a test cat and some accessories for the printer itself I wanted to actually make something. There are of course lots models available online but not everything you want or need is online. In order to accomplish making something software is required. I ended up finding Onshape which is a web based 3d modelling program. Being web based is does not rely on the processing power of you pc or laptop. The program is available to use free of charge fully featured the only caveat is that any files created are publicly available within the Onshape online world. The learning curve was steep for me but more on that later but not insurmountable.