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Never Ending Saga of 3D Printing

The never ending saga of my 3D printer. I have a Creality 3D v2 printer. I have modified it several times including changing the extruder, upgrading the z axis with an additional lead screw and stepper motor. I've also replaced the printing bed with a removable magnetic type. Additionally, I have added a probe which sets the level of the bed before each print. This creates a mesh which accounts for variations in the bed.  You'd think this would have been enough to get me out of trouble and have smooth and easy printing time after time. However, recently I could hear a strange noise as I was printing. To my horror the wires to the secondary z axis stepper motor were rubbing against the bed levelling screws. This resulted in the bed screws unwinding. The result left the bed  swinging side to side as it was printing. Started printing again and several times the filament got jammed. I then had a print that  was running very smoothly. However, it stopped or seemed to stop about halfway through the print and the printer just kept running. The problem seemed to be the extruder I upgraded. It was actually grinding through the filament or it was catching. I left it overnight and then came back to it the next day. Sleep helps with problems. I then noticed that nearly all the screws on the extruder were loose. e. In fact, the two halves of the guide driver bushes were not lined up. This meant that the filament was being effectively ground as it was going through and then it would catch and just keep spinning until the filament was nearly broken. Preventing the filament from going into [...]

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The 3D Printed Morse Taper Cleaner

So yet another adventure in the world of 3D printing. This time I have coupled my woodturning hobby and 3D printing in one little item. This item is a cleaner for a Morse number two taper. Rather than designing one myself, I scoured the internet and eventually discovered some items on thingiverse.com. The details can be found here. The most type of cleaner that I settled on took about 2 1/2 hours to print. I was a little disappointed in the print this time as the handle had embossed  writing. In the end, the writing appeared as an artefact on the handle. So what I'm missing is something that actually says Morse number two. I of course know what this item is for so it's not really a problem. Because of the artefacts on the handle, I had to spend some time cleaning the handle up with some sandpaper. The taper itself was fairly clean, although I did run a knife over it just to get some small bumps off. The cleaner works really well in the Morse taper. I've included a link to a short YouTube video of the Morse taper cleaner in action. Cleaning the taper  is an ongoing issue with wood turning lathes because the Morse tapers tend to get clogged up with sawdust. So now I have a nice little tool that sits in the drawer under my lathe ready for the next time I need to quickly clean the Morse taper. The tool in the lathe handle sticking out The cleaning portion pf the tool being inserted in the tailstock https://youtu.be/1T7BCVlZGxI

More Adventures in 3D Printing

I've been having trouble with my 3D printer, mostly the filament gets blocked in the extruder. I initially thought that it was a problem with the STL file that I downloaded from Thingiverse. tried printing the file several times but there was no filament coming out of the extruder. I went through all the usual problem solving thinking including theBowden tube being blocked or indeed the nozzle. I replaced the Bowden tube with a better quality one supplied by my son in law.This didn't resolve the problem. I still had no filament coming out of the extruder. I wondered if the filament may have been the problem but since it's a new role I just counted that. I disassembled the new Bowden tube and took the nozzle off which I just replaced to stop the nozzle was blocked and it seemed that the extruder itself was blocked so I  heated the extruder up.  and pulled the filament out and discovered that there was a whole lot of melted filament sitting between the end of the Bowden tube and the extruding nozzle.  Having  got this far I decided to check on the Creality website to see if they had a solution to this problem. What I have failed to do was preheat the extruder prior to fiddling with it. I ended up with some melted filament inside the extruder and also in the  thread wherenozzle goes. I picked this out with a dental tool.  I realised that you have to put the nozzle into the extruder prior to fitting the Bowden tube. This means that you can seat the Bowden tube right down to the top of the extruder nozzle. Having  done this and fitting a [...]

Adventures in 3D Printing

In a departure from wood working I have bought a 3D printer. I decided to buy an Ender 3D V2 based on a combination of price and performance . The printer has good reviews and there are lots of upgrades readily available. The machine was partially assembled which also appealed to me. I spent quite some time levelling the bed which is quite important on a 3D printer to ensure good quality prints. After some frustrating attempts to get the printer going and lots of YouTube videos I was able to perform a successful test print. I found the "teaching tech" YouTube channel and associated website particularly helpful. Certainly worth a look if you are new to 3D printing. After printing a test cat and some accessories for the printer itself I wanted to actually make something. There are of course lots models available online but not everything you want or need is online. In order to accomplish making something software is required. I ended up finding Onshape which is a web based 3d modelling program. Being web based is does not rely on the processing power of you pc or laptop. The program is available to use free of charge fully featured the only caveat is that any files created are publicly available within the Onshape online world. The learning curve was steep for me but more on that later but not insurmountable. Tool Holder Test Cat Improved Filament Feeder Stronger Bed Springs Test Print

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