I was cruising assorted woodworking videos on youtube and came across a review of of the New Triton work centre MK7.

Besides being surprised to see a new workcentre I was also interested to hear the man from Triton talk about the company. Bearing in mind this  is an English video.He talks about their research and development headquarters being in York. He acknowledges the origins of the company as Australian. He also talked about their sister brand GMC thats a blast from the past.

I have seen a few Triton reviews from the UK and it seems as though they are positioned as a premium brand.

The workcentre seems interesting although they are like other tool brands trying to lock you into their ecosystem. The basic workcentre is little more than a portable table. There are drop on tables one that turns it into a router table and  another making it  saw for cutting flooring or smaller pieces.
The table saw is better than the series 2000 that I have as it has a tiltable blade. However they are still using a variation of the fence similar to the series 2000. I think that is a bit dated.

There was also talk of more tools to come.

Any way judge for yourself have a look at the video