I have taken small steps into the world of flat pane carving. This is essentially relief carving on a flat surface and according to some this has been around since the times of the ancient Egyptians. I have been reading a book called A Norwegian Woodcarving Textbook by Odd Fauske. This is a translation of 1973 textbook from a course teaching traditional woodcarving in Norway. The book has been translated into English by Iain and Evaline Whittington. The layout of the book encompasses the original Norwegian text with English on the adjoining page. There are lots of plans that have been copied from the original which would require photocopying and the joining together. When looking for a link to the book I found that Iain Whittington has publishes another book on carving so I bought that as well. The other volume is called Amateur Woodcarving: A Guide.

I decided to tackle a flat pane scene which dates back to teh 18th century. Unfortunately there is no photo of the original so some interpretation will be required. I have done this as part of a carving workshop I attended so I had some expert advice from a sculptor on how to proceed. I may do a post on the carving workshop at a later date. The plans in the book are for the most part spread over several pages. The design in the pictures below were spread over many pages and would have made a very large carving. Rather than trying to patch the various pages together I scanned the overview page and then imported it into photoshop elements and cleaned the image up. Following this the cleaned up image was imported into Inkscape a vector drawing program similar to Adobe Illustrator but open source. Inkscape has a nice tracing feature that allows a bitmap image to be traced and converted to a scalable vector image.

Below are a few photos of showing progress of the carving. I’m currently at a standstill as I don’t own some of the carving chisels I used in the workshop. I have ordered but am waiting for a couple of narrow Pfeil carving chisels so I can press on with the panel. I will post more when I get the new chisels.