Woodworking from Sweden in 1923!

The attached video from YouTube features woodworking from 1923. Filmed in Sweden it captures clog and spoon making in addition to the construction of a chair. All the men shown are old in this video so they all would have been born in the mid to late nineteenth century. Whilst I don't read Swedish it looks as though the film was made to capture fading trades. It really is a fantastic glimpse into the recent past. I don't know the origin of the video I have embedded the YouTube for interest.

Art & Technique of Scandinavian Style Woodcarving

Art & Technique of Scandinavian Style Woodcarving: Step-By-Step Instructions & Patterns for 40 Flat-Plane Carving Projects by Harley Refsal My rating: 5 of 5 stars An instructive read . Enough to get you started on a carving career. Well it got me started any way. I have fond memories of this style of carving from my childhood in Norway. When I have some presentable examples I will post them . View all my reviews

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