Ancient Wood Carving

This article talks about the discovery of the oldest wood carving found in Britain, aged at around 6000 years old. The carving, which is believed to have been made by Neolithic or Early Bronze Age people, was found in a pile of rubble during construction work on a housing development in eastern England. The carving, which appears to represent an anthropomorphic figure, is a significant find as it sheds light on the life and beliefs of the people who lived in Britain during the Neolithic and Bronze Age periods.

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Wood for Turning

Spent the afternoon annoying the neighbours with the sound of my chainsaw.  Five wheelbarrows of wood that I will be using for woodturning.  Two species  were salvaged. Lots  of apple wood that came from a friend's renovation project. The apple tree made way for a timber deck. Lucky me! The olive wood was quite dirty as it included the root stump. I had to pressure clean that part in the vain hope that it would keep my chainsaw in good shape for a while longer.  The other wood came from an olive farm. The farmer is downsizing his farm from 700 trees to 500. He generously offered the trees with stumps attached to our turning club. He even had a tractor on standby to help load my trailer. I intend to carve some spoons with the apple wood. I actually harvested the wood in November 2017 and this post got lost in my draft folder. I have already carved several spoons form the apple wood. I hope some bowls will emerge from the olive stumps.    Olive StumpsApple and Olive Apple Wood

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