I’ve erected a new garden shed in the backyard. This is so that we can get rid of our paid storage.The shed we selected  comes from a company called ABSCO and is fully engineered and ready to assemble. I’ve already assembled one of these sheds so a second one really wasn’t a big challenge. I didn’t even need to look at the videos on YouTube. When completed the shed measures 2.26 m by 1.52 m. It’s 1.8 m at the front and slopes backwards. This means that if it is raining, at least water won’t drip on your head as you open the door. The shed has one door which is hinged.

We found a space in the backyard surrounded by some low retaining walls which fitted the shed perfectly. I had to raise the height  of the retaining walls to ensure that leaf litter won’t accumulate around the sides of the shed. Luckily, this was simply the matter of adding another permapine sleeper. The existing retaining walls uses  a modular system which was easy to add more sleepers to.

The area where the shed will go has pavers on the ground. I’ve actually used the supplied brackets and dynabolts (10x 50 mm ) to attach  the shed to the pavers. To reduce water intrusion on the floor, I have decided to lay down some plastic sheeting on top of the pavers. I then paver over with some 40mm pavers and thereby raise the level of the floor.

The shed is primarily to store stuff that we have in a storage unit currently and to do this I’m putting in some cheap metal shelving to store the stuff. Since I’ve erected the shed. The weather has been a bit unkind with some rain. The inside of the  shed has remained dry throughout.

I have been filming the shed going up and some and some of the other associated works on my gopro camera . So hopefully I will be able to do a short YouTube video just showing the process. The instructions that come with the shed are very good and it’s a fairly straightforward matter to assemble the s from the local hardware shop to make a temporary work table. I’ve also got a handmade jig that I use for lifting sheet goods which I also used to move the walls from where I assembled them up to the area where the shed will reside.