Moving into a house always means repairs. I do most of my own repairs because I can. It never ceases to amaze me how people repair things. We have a balcony across the front of the house which has balustrades using tensioned stainless steel wire . Most of the wire is anchored to timber with stainless steel eyelets. One of the eyelets failed and much to my surprise it had been repaired with epoxy! This was never going to work! I managed to get the broken part of the eyelet using a plug cutter. I drilled through the post and removed the plug. I found some dowel at the local hardware store almost the right size and glued it in with some shims. A bit of filler and paint and you wouldn’t know the hole had been filled. I still cant believe that someone tried to repair this with epoxy.

I subsequently discovered another broken eyelet and followed the same repair process.